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10 EASY Ways to Save Battery on an Android Phone/Tablet

This article will show you ten easy ways you can save battery life on your Android Phone. Hopefully, we’ll be able to extend your battery life by a noticeable amount using these tips. 


Changing some of the settings might be slightly different depending on the device manufacturer, as some will run slightly different versions of Android. I’ll be using a Samsung device, but you should still be able to follow along whatever your device is. 

10 EASY Ways to Save Battery on an Android Phone/Tablet

 Let’s move on to the methods to save battery. 

Easy ways you can save battery life on your Android


Of course, you can turn down the brightness to help save battery by going into the settings. There should be a slider to change the brightness somewhere within the display settings. The display settings should be an option within the main settings screen. You can also turn off adaptive brightness to change and reduce the brightness manually. 


Also, whilst in the display settings, you might want to check to see if you can reduce the screen refresh rate and the resolution. Decreasing both of these will improve battery life. Whilst we’re on the subject of brightness, another way to save battery life

by reducing the brightness is turning on dark mode. You should be able to do this within the display settings. 

If you cannot find this setting or any of the other settings

in the video, you might be able to search for it on your settings page to get there.

Turn on dark mode, and you could also schedule it to turn on at a specific time. Another tip is to use a dark background. These last two tips will only really benefit you, though, if you have an OLED display. 

Close background apps

The following method is to close and prevent apps from running in the background. Any app that runs in the background will use up battery life and can prevent this. To close apps running in the background, you need to go to the app section of the settings.

However, you might first want to check which apps are using the battery in the background. 

I can find this by going to the battery settings in the device care settings for me. You should see the list of apps that use the most battery, and it might display how much is being used whilst they are running in the background. 

Identify the apps using the most battery in the background and go to the Apps section of the settings. Find the apps on this list and tap on them. This method might be different for you, but click on the battery and turn off the toggle switch that allows background activity.

Turn on battery saver mode.

The third method to save battery life is to

turn on battery saver mode or change the power mode. This is an obvious one, and it will affect performance, so feel free to skip to the following method if you want. 

There are a few options for this one. For example, I can scroll down from the top, and I can change the power mode in the icons tray. There are four selections to choose from, depending

on how much battery I want to save. 

If you don’t have this option, there should be a similar battery saver mode within the battery settings. Again, try searching for it in the settings if you can’t find it. 

Free up space on your device. 

This will allow your device to run more efficiently and, therefore, should help with battery life. There are several ways to free up space on your device; you can remove files you don’t need, such as those in your downloads folder, or you could delete photos

that you don’t want to keep. 

There might also be a way to free up space automatically on your phone, go back to the settings and look for something called storage or maybe device care or similar. Have a look to see if you can free up storage in here. For example, I can tap on optimising to help with the battery and free up space. 

There will also be third party storage cleaning apps available on the Play Store, so you could try one of those to help you free up space automatically. 

Removing any apps that you don’t use.

Not only will this help to free up space, but it will also stop these apps from affecting battery life by running in the background, for example. To remove apps you don’t use, go to settings and find the apps or applications option. 

You should see the list of apps on this page, and all you need

to do is go down the list and look for apps you don’t use. You could use the method from the previous tip to check which apps use a lot of battery life from within the settings to help you decide whether or not it is worth deleting them. 

To remove an app from your device, select it here and then choose to uninstall. Of course, you can uninstall apps the traditional way from your apps screen or home page, but within the app settings, it will tell you more about the app, such as the amount of battery life it uses and the amount of storage space it takes up.

Change some of the location settings. 

Using location services on your phone can affect battery life, and if you don’t need high accuracy when it comes to your location on maps, for example, you can change the setting to save more

battery. Head into the settings page and either search location or look for the option called location. 

There may be an option to change the location mode to battery saving in the location settings, but like on mine, there is an option called improve accuracy

In there, make sure that both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth aren’t to be used if you want to save battery. Also, under where it says location services, there is an option called Google Location Accuracy.

You can turn that off to also help save battery. If you need improved accuracy, you can follow the method to get back to here and turn it on.

The next method to save battery is a simple one: turning off things like BluetoothMobile Data, and Wi-Fi whenever you are not using them. You can do this within the settings or by scrolling down from the top of the home page and tapping on the icons. 

Also, muting your device and turning off vibrate will help with saving battery life too.

The next method is aimed at those of you with older phones, and you probably only need to do this one if you are desperate to save more battery life. This one is to use alternative versions of apps that put less strain on your hardware. 

In Android, many Google apps, such as photo galleries and maps, are the “Go” versions. You can get them from the play store, and to check that they are official, they will be made by Google LLC

Disable the Google assistant

This will run in the background and affect battery life in general, and if you don’t ever use it, it might be worth disabling it to save battery. To turn off Google assistant, search for it in the settings

and choose assistant settings, and you should be on your profile screen. 

Choose the assistant tab and then scroll down to where it says assistant devices. Tap on your device, and then you can use the toggle switch at the top to turn off Google Assistant.

Get a third-party battery saver app

If you don’t fancy downloading an app to help with battery

life, that’s fine, but they can help extend battery life even if it’s not by much.

There’ll be plenty of them available on the Play Store, and you can go by the reviews to get the best one when you are watching this video. They should be easy to set up and run once you get them downloaded. 


And so those are my ten easy methods to help you save battery life on Android phones. 


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