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How to get 4000 watch time on YouTube for free

How to get 4,000 Watch Time on YouTube for Free

YouTube watch time is the new metric that advertisers are looking for when they’re running ads on YouTube. It’s an important factor in how much you can charge for your ad space, but watch time also affects how many people watch your video and click on links to visit other pages or buy products. So now that we know why watching time is so important, let’s talk about how you can get it.


How to get watch time on YouTube for free:

– Start by making great content that people want to watch. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a tutorial, vlogging about your day or sharing something creative like original songs and music videos – just make sure it’s engaging. People won’t watch long enough to be counted in watch time if they don’t like what you’re saying or doing.

– Promote your videos on social media and use the embed feature to put it on other websites so that even more people can watch. You’ll also want to promote it through email, word of mouth, and any other avenues you have available. Just be sure not to post too much or you’ll annoy your viewers.

– Use annotations to link people back to other videos on YouTube, but don’t overdo it. Three links in 30 minutes are probably enough for watch time purposes at least three are too many unless you’re linking them all up to the same video – then that’s fine.

– You can also use annotations to put a call-to-action button on your videos so people can visit other pages or watch more of your videos. This is especially helpful for those who do product reviews and want to encourage their viewers to buy something from an online store they’re linked with.

– Make sure you’re also sharing the link of YouTube as well if you want to watch time to count. If you’re sharing it on Twitter and Facebook, make sure your profile links back to the video as well so people can watch there if they prefer.


– Be consistent with how often you post videos and don’t give up! Your views may start out slow at first but once you hit a certain threshold watch time will start to increase. As long as you’re consistent and keep posting quality content, watch time will continue to grow.

Ways to easily get watch time on YouTube free

  1. Thumbnail: This has to tell the potential viewer what the video is about and make them want to watch it. It’s best if you can include words or symbols here that are relevant to what your video discusses so people know they’re clicking on something right for their interests.
  2. Video Title: This has to be compelling, but don’t overdo it with shock value or bad words that will make people want to watch it less. If you can think of a creative way to both grab their attention and be professional at the same time, do that instead!
  3. Description: This should include what your video is about in detail but avoid spoilers if possible. You also don’t have much space here so keep this short and sweet while still being informative.
  4. Tags: Use tags that are relevant to your video so people can find it in a search and watch time counts more when the right audience views them. Just don’t go overboard with tags because you’ll look spammy if word repetition is too high or they’re unrelated to each other. These should be about three per video at a maximum.
  5. Channel Description: This is a good place to mention your other videos and make viewers watch time aware of them if they like what you’ve done so far. Don’t go overboard with this, though! You only have about 200 characters here which isn’t much at all.
  6. About Section: The about section should be used for links to your social media, website and other accounts where people can watch time you. Don’t just stick links in here without some text to make it look like an ad though or YouTube will flag this as spam the watch time of the video will suffer because of it!
  7. Channel Art: This is what subscribers see first when they come to watch time on your channel so it’s important to include watch time your branding, social media and more here. Make sure you’re consistent with this across all of these platforms as well or people may wonder what the deal is if watch time on their videos doesn’t match watch time they see elsewhere!

And so that is how to increase your watch time on your YouTube channel or videos. I wish you the best of luck with your channel, and I hope you found these tips helpful.

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