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How to open a verified paypal account in nigeria

      Verified PayPal account in Nigeria

Are you looking for a verified PayPal account that can send and receive money in Nigeria?Then this article will give you the information that you need. We will show you how to get a working PayPal that can send and receive money in Nigeria in Nigeria and also provide some additional tips on how to withdraw to a Nigerian bank account.


I have pondered about this a lot and decided to make findings and I discovered that a way out of this is to use another country PayPal account, we can use Lesotho PayPal and any other African country Paypal which has the full feature of a standard PayPal account meaning Nigerians can send and receive money from any part of the world

so let’s move straight to the steps, Click here, when you click on the link you’ll see the exact page below

nigeran paypal

 When you’re on this page it is now left to you to choose whether you want to open a personal PayPal account or business account. So let’s choose a business because we are using business account that has all PayPal features. Click on sign up and select a business account.



On the next page where you’ll be prompt to input your mail address, make sure you’re using Gmail avoid yahoo mail at cost, use your personal Gmail account, Click next

On this page, you’ll be required to input your details add your business information. Don’t panic about the business detail we got you covered just make sure you’re using your real name as it is on all your document.

On another part where they ask for a phone number, Click the drop-down option and select Nigeria phone code(+234)and enter your phone number, enter the address, select currency(USD), Click I AGREE, AND CONTINUE.

 The next page will ask about your business page, Just select individual and select your choice as category and subcategory leave the URL option and proceed.

 Click continue and you’ll land on a page where you’ll be required to provide an ID document for verification. Fill in Nigeria as your nationality, Select the document that you have, Use the voter’s card and input the number on your voter’s card with your valid date of birth.

After submitting, Youll be asked to confirm your email address to activate your account immediately do that and set up your payment,

That’s all on how to create a PayPal that can send and receive money in Nigeria

How to check if a PayPal account has been verified

After opening PayPal and made transactions with it you can check after lots of transactions whether your account has been verified or not 

Click here to check



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