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Utorrent is a BitTorrent client that uses the µTP and Peer Exchange (PEX) protocol to optimize the downloading of large files. It offers great flexibility of use, thanks to its many options and flexible schedule settings. However, the file selection mechanism could be improved so that it would start a torrent automatically depending on certain criteria or put a list of torrents for a user to select from.


It allows you to download files from various sources including BitTorrent and HTTP, but also eD2K links, FTP servers, and other BT clients. It includes an RSS reader, web interface and it can record live audio from the Internet.

According to Wikipedia, Utorrent was created by BitTorrent, Inc., written in C++. It is based on the Qt library (however I am not sure whether this version has Qt dependencies). However, Torrex seems to be more powerful than either uTorrent or BitTorrent. Its download speed is as high as some of the desktop clients, yet it doesn’t have a web interface or RSS reader. In spite of that, I think I will be using Torrex from now on.

If you have been using either BitTorrent or uTorrent for some time, Torrex offers a similar experience with additional benefits:

– Multiple torrents can be initiated at once

– The app starts faster than either BitTorrent or uTorrent


– You can download torrent files from Torrex itself. When you are setting up a new torrent, click on the three dots menu and select “Local Torrent > Add”. Then navigate to the directory where you have your downloaded .torrent files.

– You can set the download speed per torrent so that some torrents don’t hog all of your available bandwidth

– You can change the priority on a per-torrent basis. If you have two torrents with “Normal” priority, they will share your available bandwidth evenly. However, you may wish to save up on bandwidth for some time-sensitive torrents. In such a case, you can set one of those torrents as “Low” priority and the other as “High”. This way, Torrex will save up on your bandwidth and dedicate it to the high-priority torrent whenever possible.

Conclusion: It is very similar to BitTorrent but has fewer features. However, it is much leaner and starts up faster.

You can download the 6.5 MB torrex_pro_v6.5.7_build_6976-Mod-armeabi-v7a.apk package from this link.

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