Guest Post Or Content Submission Guidelines

  1. Your content must have a brief introduction.
  2. Please share the attachment separately and also include it in the content/draft to give an idea of its placement.
  3. The content you will be sharing must not be copied and should be at least 98% unique.
  4. Please include your brief bio too, so we could know who is behind this creation.
  5. Hyperlinks must be added properly to your post (if any).
  6. Your content will be reviewed and edited (if necessary) before publishing.
  7. After publishing the content, Pinnhacksolution will have the right to do any kind of placement on the page of your article.
  8. Our team will contact you within 24 hours after you’ll have your content or draft submitted.
  9. Your article must be SEO optimized and identify keywords
  10. The article must be around 800 – 1k words
  11. Submit your file to


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