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How to create status saver app in sketchware

Status saver in sketchware

Today we are looking at how to create status saver app in Sketchware using the basic knowledge of Sketchware.For more sketchware tutorials, subscribe to our youtube channel for more tutorials. In case you don’t have sketchware, you can download sketchware pro.


Sketchware is an android based programming tool used to develop a native android application using java or kotlin. Sketchware is principally used in an android phone to create almost any kind of application. SKETCHWARE – CREATE YOUR APPS

Sketchware contains all the correct elements in the programming world, technical specifications, and components that make it an excellent device for creating various apps.

The content used in this course is designed to increase your understanding of android programming. To keep the learning process exciting and enjoyable, the systems have been broken into two parts.

So this Whatsapp status saver made from sketchware possesses the following features.

  1. Download status

2. Share status


3. IN built video player

4. Admob ads integrated

To download the project directly to your sketchware, check here

Download Android studio source code here


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