Canada, surely is a study home also offering Scholarships to countless students from so many countries, races and continents. This is one country that certainly should be on your mind without second thoughts if you’ve ever nursed intentions of studying abroad away from your home nation, this is because the Canadian government has systems in place to accommodate academic talents from other nations neighbouring and faraway alike.



In as much there is the Canadian government scholarship system in form of Global Affairs Canada(GAC), there are also so many scholarship granting institutions in place.


One might get nervous due to some general questions that would bugle the mind like , I’m i qualified, do i have the requirements? This article presents answers to those questions and with the much needed clarity provided, you can forge ahead and make this dream of yours a reality, with this in mind it’s time to go stepping.



1. Identify multiple granting institutions:

While seeking scholarship, it is important to identify multiple granting institutions this because you get to explore this opportunity on a broader horizon placing side by side the similarities and differences in these scholarship offers; which is more attractive or less attractive? Which is more lucrative or less lucrative? Does being less attractive and lucrative mean greater chances of getting it and vice versa.

This is a relevant first step because the importance of multiple options and having to make choices rather than having the feeling of being stuck cannot be over emphasized.


2. Contact an IDP counsellor:

To make the process of identifying various granting institutions easier there’s need to seek the services or guide of an IDP counsellor, the IDP counsellor would provide you with available scholarships options, government and private alike.


3. What are the must satisfy demands of these granting institutions?

It is paramount to give immense attention to eligibility criteria of the granting institution of your interest, one most important criterion is having an excellent academic score, again this is one of the many importance of identifying more than one granting institution as their cut off score may differ slightly or considerably, depending on the location, subject, or level.



4. What’s the scholarship worth:

The terms of scholarship differ with institutions, so does the money made available and duration also, It is therefore important to know the worth any scholarship you are opting for so you could be safe in the knowledge of getting fully involved in what’s most suitable for you.


5.What scholarship type is being offered by your choicest institution:

Before forging deep into any scholarship offered by a specific institution you need to study their scholarship scheme, are they offering multiple types of scholarships? This is because some institutions run different kinds of scholarships, some scholarships are merit-based, some are standard specific, some others are need-based.


Top institutions to consider with great scholarship offers in Canada.


University of Toronto: This tops the list of best universities in Canada also worldwide.

The University of Toronto is one of the best rankings for scholarships in Canada this applies to both citizens and foreigners alike. It is no mistake that this university has well-built research institute facilitating their students toward innovation, inventiveness and creativity.

If your place of study matters so much for your portfolio then this academic centre should top your list.


The University of British Columbia: Amongst the top three universities in Canada is the university of British Columbia found and it is also rated amongst the best 20 worldwide.

Known for its huge role in the nation’s scholarship project, this institution allocates as much as $30million every year to scholarships and also huge financial takeaways for students with outstanding achievements both to Canadians and foreigners alike.


University of Waterloo: one institution that should make your consideration list for scholarship application is the University Of Waterloo being one of the top academic institutions in Canada providing enabling environment for innovative research, inspiring learning also honing problem-solving skills. The University of Waterloo also budgets millions of dollars annually for a scholarship for both domestic and international students.


McGill University: This institute is known for its research exploits blended with centuries of high output in academic excellence.

The famous McGill university offer merit-based annual scholarships to international and local students, the institution is recognised Worldwide with scholarships of which interested applicants apply separately for these scholarship awards according to their study level. This must be done after the applicant has been granted admission already.


University of Alberta: This university is known among the top 5 universities in Canada it has a reputation for excellence in humanities, creative art, business, sciences, and engineering, these programs are taught by renowned lecturers and professors from around the world. Alberta offers more than $28 million (CAD) worth of scholarships and other financial aid yearly to both Canadians and international students. These scholarships are specifically available to students who have already been considered for admission into the university.


University of Calgary: This university is set out to develop new findings, exploit new knowledge, finding new solutions. This university has helped millions of students channel their future in the right direction, presenting them with a global platform to strive and impact the world.

The University of Calgary offers scholarships for undergraduate, graduate and professional programs and has also been active in offering different types of scholarships.


In a strive for a better tomorrow with both academic and professional success, It is important to carry out enough research before taking steps. That is why this hammer to nail article is crafted to direct you as this information is always here to save you from a lot of bad choices giving you a definite road map on where to start in your journey and how to make the most of educational opportunities in terms of scholarship as you make efforts for greener pastures through academic pursuit.



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