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Review: Is Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool Worth Your Time?

Prepostseo Paraphrasing Tool is a famous website that offers multiple tools for SEO, content writing, and educational tools for bloggers.


With the integration of the latest technologies in paraphrasing and plagiarism tools, this platform is attracting more audiences than ever before. 

“Prepostseo is using artificial intelligence in its Paraphrasing Tool”

In the latest press release, Prepostseo mentioned that they have started integrating the use of artificial intelligence in content writing tools. These include an image-to-text converter and a Paraphrasing tool. 

Not only over a web interface, but Prepostseo also offers a paraphrasing app for Android smartphones which is free to use. 

This is a comprehensive review of the paraphrasing tool of Prepostseo and reading this will help you know the real worth of this online tool. 

Ratings for Prepostseo 

Feature Rating
Speed 4.5/5
Rephrasing Percentage 4.5/5
Appropriate Synonyms 4/5
User-friendly 4/5
Retaining original meaning 3.5/5



What does a paraphrasing tool do?

The paraphrasing tool is a sentence changer that generates a fresh copy of previously written/copied content. 

It is done by changing words throughout sentences to make them unique to the original resource. 

However, a good paraphrasing tool is capable of retaining the original thoughts of the author. This means that although the words will be replaced by their synonyms the concept will remain unchanged. 

Is Prepostseo’s Paraphrasing Tool capable of maintaining the original thoughts of the writing? Let’s see in this review

Features of Prepostseo’s Paraphrasing Tool

  • Free

This rephrasing tool is free to use for everyone. Many of the newbie bloggers and students search for an affordable but effective paraphrasing tool and this tool can be considered. 

  • No Subscription Required to Increase Words Limit

When making the content unique, many Paraphrasing tools require registration and this sometimes ruins time. But this paraphrasing will not ask for any registration, activation, or any sort of subscription. 

  • Simple interface (Easy to use)

You might have seen tools that ask for a lot of options like excluding words, excluding capitalized words. However, Prepostseo will just ask you to select the mode or let the default one paraphrase. 

You can check by just pasting/uploading the content and clicking the button. 

  • Multiple Text Insertion options 

There are three methods of inserting text into this paraphrasing tool:

  • Copy & paste the text
  • Uploading from the device (PC, Smartphone)
  • Importing the document via Google Drive or OneDrive
  • Words excluding option (best to preserve keywords)

When you have written a blog post or any other website’s content, you might have adjusted the keywords during the writing process. 

Once you need to paraphrase, you may add the keywords in the “Keyword Excluding section” to maintain the keywords in the content. 

  • Synonyms Changer

When you paraphrase writing, you get the option of changing the synonyms at the same time. Moreover, it gives the choice of words to replace where you can also add desired words. 

For example, you can view the choice of words in the below image:

Paraphrasing Modes

As this paraphrasing tool is using advanced technologies i.e., natural language processing, it offers multiple modes to paraphrase text. 

We have described these modes and their working below:

  • Simple 

This mode changes the words by replacing them with synonyms. 

  • Advanced

It uses the most advanced method of replacing synonyms to keep the original meaning as well as allow the users to add their own words. 

  • Fluency 

This mode is AI-powered and can change the sentence structure to make content more readable and SEO-friendly. 

  • Creative

This mode is another NLP and AI-based mode to help in making content’s structure more optimized as well as remove plagiarism. 

Overall Performance

Well, paraphrasing tools are used to remove plagiarism. Many students use this to make their assignments and research paper unique while bloggers use to make their blog post different from others. 

For this, a high-performing paraphrasing tool is required to remove all plagiarism. Let’s have a test on this paraphrasing tool. 

Remember, Prepostseo is not 100% accurate in removing plagiarism but mostly, it will help you. 

We copied a paragraph and paraphrased it using this paraphraser (creative mode). 

Original Text with 100% Plagiarism:

Plagiarism in Paraphrased content:


No cost, it’s completely free

Final Verdict

Although there are many paraphrasing tools over the internet not all of them can deliver the best. Even Prepostseo is not a perfect tool in keeping original meaning but the majority of the sentence has perfection. 

The major advantage of this tool is “No Price” and “Change in the sentence structure”. 


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