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How to use Pinnhack solution cookies

Pinnhack solution provides cookies for visitors to access premium accounts like Netflix, Spotify, and more without the need for a password.


Watch the video below to understand how to use cookies if you’re just visiting for the first time.

First to do if you want to use our cookies on your pc,

  1. Install the cookie editor extension for Google Chrome
  2. Go to the account cookie page on pinnhacksolution
  3. Copy the cookie
  4. Paste inside your cookie editor and refresh. Watch video below

First to do if you want to use our cookies on your mobile phone

  1. Download KiWi Browser ( Click Here )
  2. Open KiWi Browser
  3. Add cookie editor extension to KiWi Browser.
  4. After adding Cookies Editor Extention go to your desired website where you want to import the cookies.
  5. Click the three-dot button on the app then scroll down then you will get the extension.
  6. Now open the extension and delete all previous cookies by pressing the delete button.
  7. After Deleting click on Import Button now past the copied cookies and click on import.
  8. Now reload the website page.
  9. If the cookies are live you will be automatically logged-into the account.
  10. Watch video below



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