How to get a Canadian scholarship without a good grade.

  1. You can win Scholarships without great grades, this is very contrary to popular belief that scholarships are strictly for the academically talented.

The fact that we all can not have the same capability when it comes to excellence in academics owing to our different backgrounds can not be overlooked. So therefore in our different capacities, everyone would still love to win some scholarship money, and privileges and grab more opportunities.


With the consideration that we differ in almost every way this indicates that one might be blessed with a high intelligence quotient, while another with sports prowess or something else. Therefore this article seeks to enlighten you on ways you too can compete up there with those ‘A’ students for a scholarship spot.

Though applying for scholarships that are grade lenient might be more demanding, because you might need to scratch a little deeper but it is always worth it in the end especially when you are exceptionally good at something asides academic work.


Steps to getting a scholarship without an A grade

1. Apply for scholarships that are grade-independent:

It’s almost impossible to find any scholarship that is grade independent, but not quite unachievable to win a scholarship that is grade lenient or has no GPA requirement.

When seeking scholarships, try as much as possible to identify ones that are less imposing with grade demands.


There are scholarships needing a CGPA of 3.0 it is therefore pointless applying if you have a CGPA of 2.5.

Other Scholarships would require a CGPA of 2.5 but would have other requirements for you to meet. if your GPA mark is at 2.5 then you have a fair chance to win the scholarship.


2.Target multiply scholarships

You have to target multiple scholarships standing on the popular saying “not to put all eggs in one basket”. It is therefore wise to seek multiple opportunities, rejections are sure but with determination and the right attitude one out of many would work out for you.


3. Step up to mail the department/faculty or advisory:

You need to up your game by mailing the faculty that is concerned with your application. This is after identifying that your institution of interest offers the programme you intend to study, you should go on their website, check for advisory and try to mail the lecturers or professors who are in charge of the graduate students or your program you want to study. This is a show of strong will and would also help with clarity needed for the long run.


4:Have a relevant work experience

Having relevant work experience in your field is highly pivotal. It leaves an impression that you might not be top-notch on papers, but you definitely can contribute immensely to practical work.



5: Lay Emphasis on your volunteer campaigns and community service:

One place you need to lay emphasis is your service to humanity. This Should be thoroughly highlighted in your motivation letter which would also contain your statement of purpose. This method would sweeten things in your application because ultimate purpose of all our endeavours trails back to service to humanity. It is therefore a strong point and should yield you an edge.


6. Never be tempted to give up.

you should never be tempted to give up. You have to keep going at these opportunities until one finally opens up to you because the impossible is nothing.


Types of Scholarships to focus on if your grade is extremely poor

Search for Scholarships that are not Academic based.

If you search meticulously you would also find Scholarships that do not require any GPA at all. These kinds of Scholarships are based on creativity, they are the type of Scholarships you should focus on as they do not take into account academic score and are most time skill-based, maybe fashion-based, sport-focused, practical work, technical know-how and lots more.

Try sweepstakes Scholarships

Scholarships that you enter to win money in form of lotteries are called sweepstakes Scholarships. All you need to do while applying is to input your information in compliance with the company’s detail requests and you are good to go.

Tons of people apply for sweepstakes Scholarships because it is very easy to apply. Although applying comes easy this should not be the sole Scholarship you are applying for as the chances of winning are usually very slim.


Apply for Regional Scholarships

Regional Scholarships are scholarships allocated to particular regions. If you’ve followed Scholarships closely over time you would have come across Scholarships for specific regions, continents or races.

These Scholarships are most times charity based without so many requirements this is because their target is to empower the less opportune.

Specific Scholarships receive way fewer applications and therefore increases one’s chance of converting, these are Scholarships that are sport-based, business based, height-based, etc.


Other Tips to get ahead while applying for These Scholarship


Write a mind-blowing essay

There are judges in charge of these Scholarships. Even though you do not have the best of grades, presenting an undisputable excellent essay could be your make or break chance of winning a scholarship as the judges or Scholarship committee are looking for unique students who can express creativity with independence and determination. So you have to make this side of you shine as effectively as possible.


Get top-notch letters of recommendation

Recommendation letters work wonders in all walks of life. It is even more effective when it is coming from multiple sources.

You will need multiple recommendation letters if you have not got a great grade.

This has to come with variation, though some would need to give thumbs up to your character, while others would note your impressive work rate and selfless service. This plays a major role in winning a scholarship.




There are scholarships for almost everything. With this knowledge there is no chance of living in a fool’s paradise. You have to work hard to earn these scholarships whether requirement friendly or not.

To increase your chances of winning any Scholarship money you have to invest so much time; his implies, you would have to apply for as many Scholarships as possible because this one way of increasing your odds of winning a scholarship.





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