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Google AdMob is one of the numerous ways to make money online these days, which is very easy and stress-free. Admob is the source of income for almost all android application developers. 

Google AdMob is also term as Adsense, But that is not the fact; Google Admob is mainly for developers to generate revenue from the ads showing on their application

While web developers use Adsense to monetize their unique content by placing different ads size in between or on their web pages to generate revenue which is paid to the developer every 21st of each provided they reach the minimum threshold, which is 100$

Google Adsense and Admob mainly deal with monetization with ads


For this article, we are looking at Google AdMob so let get into details

For anyone to earn on Admob, you need to have the ability to develop an application or, better still, hire a developer to develop an application for you and place different Admob ads size on the application to earn on AdMob

List of other ads size on Google AdMob

Banner: Banner ads are horizontal ads that are placed beneath the homepage of an application 

we have two types Ordinary banner and Native banner

Ordinary banner: This kind of ads placement is usually content. It doesn’t change the ads shown. 

Native banner: This display a different kind of ads from other ads provider

Interstitial: This is full ads shown on before activity or after an activity AND OTHERS

Admob earning trick

There is no shortcut to success. This also applies to AdMob. Some people engage in self-clicking, which is a fraudulent activity. 

If you know you want to earn with AdMob 

You must go through all this process👇👇👇👇👇👇

1. Get an excellent marketable Application that provides services to people.

The app that users will be using almost every day

2. Upload your app on Google play store with a good ASO(App Store Optimization), which organically provides Downloads

3. Run promotion for your app

We have a different method of ads 

We have Facebook ads, YouTube ads, AdWords, Instagram ads, and lots. 


1. Make sure you update your app-ads.txt on your AdMob account and place the website link on the store listing…
2. Reset the frequency of your ads on your AdMob account
3. Make sure you’re not viewing or clicking ads on the same phone you use to create your AdMob account
4. Promote your app frequently
5. Don’t share app links to friends to click on your ads carelessly
With ads frequency settings you’re free from those that click ads continuously to wicked the app owner

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Admob app maker 

We have varieties of website that provides application development like appcreator24.com, Andomo, Appgeyser, Kodular, Sketchware and the rest

How to create an AdMob self clicking app

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