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Hardest programming language

Hardest programming language

In our latest blog post, we discuss the hardest programming languages. We go into detail about what makes a language hard and why some people might choose to learn it over others.


Hardest programming language

This question comes up a lot when people are considering learning to code. There is an overwhelming number of programming languages out there, and it’s hard to know where to start.

If you want to know what the hardest programming language is, here are a few factors that make a particular language difficult.

The first factor is age of the language and its popularity.

Programming languages that have been around for longer tend to be more complex because they have evolved over time as new issues have come up with implementation.

If you are looking for the hardest programming language, these languages will be older ones.


Another factor that makes a programming language more difficult is how well it has been designed and implemented .

Programming languages have many features built into them to make coding easier. If any of those features turn out not to work as intended or there is a better way of implementing them, the language can become more difficult to use.

Languages with many features will be harder than ones with fewer or simpler ones. Finally , you need to consider how well documented and supported a programming language is .

If there are not good references available for learning the language and few people using it, it can be difficult to learn.

Languages that are not well documented and supported will make learning them more challenging as you have fewer resources available for reference. All of these factors combine together into a programming language’s “hardness” score, which is used at SoftUni to determine how hard each one may be for people new to coding and for people who are already coding in other languages.

SoftUni’s Hardest Programming Language: C++

C++ is a very old programming language that has been around since 1983 when it was called “C with Classes”.

The number of features it offers makes learning to code in this language extremely challenging, particularly if you do not have any prior programming experience.

There are also many different compilers available, so it’s hard to know which one you should choose when starting out in C++. Finally , there is not great support for beginners learning the language because most resources assume someone has already had some exposure to coding in another language before trying C++.

C++ is an extremely difficult programming language to learn with all of these factors combined into a very high “hardness” score. If you are interested in learning C++, SoftUni offers great resources for beginners that will help get you started on the right foot!


The Hardest Programming language is C++ because of its age, features, and documentation. If you are interested in learning this difficult programming language SoftUni offers many resources for beginners to get started!


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