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Get 1 Month Mega Pro Plan (2TB Storage) For Free

MEGA allows you to store files, have them available wherever you are, share them with others and never worry about file size or format again.


MEGA is free from data-limits and server-logging so you can have complete confidence in the security of your files.

Cloud storage providers that provide real security for your data are hard to find. One of the most secure cloud storage services is Mega. According to your need, Mega provides a variety of subscription options and storage capacities. It boasts both free and paid subscriptions. The Mega cloud pro subscription is one of the popular offers provided by this firm.

That is why we’re here to offer you a way to acquire a free mega cloud pro subscription. With our technique, you’ll receive 400 GB of mega cloud storage and 12 TB transfer capacity. Stop looking for a mega pro method since the one I’m going on to discuss is the only reliable and legal means of obtaining a free mega cloud pro subscription.

Know more about MEGA :-

MEGA main features include: All files are encrypted on the client computer before being uploaded to the cloud, Zero-knowledge privacy policy – MEGA doesn’t know what you are uploading and to whom you’re sharing the files, MEGA allows you to recover your data even if you lose all of your device.


Mega Subscriptions

  • Mega free: The free subscription can store up to 50GB and has a 100GB transfer limit, you can upgrade to pro to get more storage and transfe r capacity.
  • Mega free: You can get 15 GBGB mega cloud storage for free. You need to signup to with your email.
  • Mega pro lite: With this subscription, you can get 400GB cloud storage with 1 TB transfer base Quota. It cost $5.39 per month.
  • Mega pro I: With this subscription, you can get 2000GB cloud storage and 2 TB transfer quota per month. It cost $10.79 per month.
  • Mega pro II: This subscription provides you 8000GB cloud storage for just $21.60 per month. You get 8 TB bandwidth per month.
  • Mega pro III: You get 16000GB cloud storage and 16 TB transfer quota just for cost of $32.40 per month. This subscription is best for organizations with large number of documents mostly.

Features of mega

Sync across devices

Create links to share your files with friends, family or colleagues without worrying about file sizes or type of files. You can also use mega’s link shortening service.

Its cloud storage is perfect for backing up photos and videos from you mobile phone, tablet and desktop. Stay organized by saving everything in one place like documents, PDFs, photos, videos and audio.

File sharing

File sharing is easy, fast and secure with mega. Files are transferred directly between peers and not through mega’s servers. Downloading your files is just as simple as uploading them.

Security is always a concern when it comes to storing files online. MEGA has some interesting features which make everything you store on their platform safe from prying eyes. This includes end-to-end encryption for all files and folders.

With MEGA, you get 256bit AES encryption which means that the information is encrypted with a key derived from your password using hashing algorithm.

Other security features include: Two-factor authentication mega sign -in Mega does not store any of your login details on its servers and uses HTTPS to make sure your connection is safe and secure.

Features You Will get

  • 2 TB Storage
  • 2 TB Transfer
  • Share easily and privately
  • Send large files securely
  • Auto back-up
  • File versioning
  • Private team messaging
  • Secure video conferencing
  • Custom rubbish bin cleaner


01. First Of All Connect To Spain Server (Using Any VPN)

02. Then Visit This Link

03.Simply Sign Up With Your Email (Temp.Gmail Recommanded)

04. Enjoy Mega Pro 2TB Pack For 1 Month


When This Promo Offer Will End, Mega Doesn’t Mentioned. You Can Get Updated News from Their Twitter Here. Till Then Take care & Bye Bye. Enjoy Mega Pro For 1 Month.


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