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The Epidemic Sound Free Premium Account is a must-have for anyone who wants to create high-quality music. With this account, you get access to all of the premium features that are available on the site. You will be able to use these features forever without paying anything at all! This is an incredible deal and one that should not be passed up by any serious musician.So lets see how to get Epidemic Sound Free Premium Account. 


Epidemic Sound Free Account

Epidemic Sound is an independent music company, based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 2010 by composers Erik Ekholm and Andreas Carlson with the vision to create a new music market for filmmakers all over the world.

The company offers artists, composers, and musicians high-quality music that can be used commercially on film productions. These tracks can now be heard on numerous TV shows, commercials, and pretty much everywhere that uses music to create the desired effect. Today, Epidemic Sound has a catalog of more than 60 000 tracks and is still growing.

Instead of waiting for clients to come to them, they decided it was time to actively go out and search for new artists, composers and producers so that together they can all create this new music market.

Epidemic Sound is now the world’s leading provider of stock music for TV, film, radio, commercials, and video games. They have worked with clients such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft Xbox, NBC Universal, Audi, Adidas, Nintendo, Universal Pictures, and many more.

Another important aspect of this company is that they are constantly developing new music technologies. They created the Tracklib to enable artists anywhere around the world to easily license their music for commercial use on film productions. Epidemic Sound is now one of Europe’s largest tech companies with over 70 employees spread out across 3 offices in Stockholm, New York, and Los Angeles.


Epidemic Sound was also the first company to give producers and composers the opportunity to instantly sign up for their own personal music account. Each user has his or her own profile page with information about the artist, SoundCloud samples, previous projects that have been sold, and their work history.


Once an artist signs up to Epidemic Sound, they will upload their productions to a personal account. This gives all other users the opportunity to search through each song and see if it’s perfect for any of their projects.

If a user finds one that he or she likes, after contacting/paying the artist directly, that track can be added to his or her music library at Epidemic Sound. The user can then listen through all the tracks and decide which ones he or she wants to buy for their production.

Once they’ve decided, it’s simply a matter of choosing between Standard and Extended Licenses. Prices depend on how you plan to use the track (TV adverts, movies, etc.) as well as the quantity that you wish to buy.

The lowest price for a track starts at $89, and the Standard License can have up to 10,000 downloads. An Extended License will give you unlimited distribution without any time restrictions, but it costs more money of course, starting at $199.

Epidemic Sound owns the Epidemic Music catalog that consists of music in all genres and styles including pop, rock, orchestrations, electronic beats, ambient or cinematic orchestral scores.

This is the number one choice for producers, composers, and videomakers when they need to find music tracks available for immediate licensing. The tracks are also legally cleared for commercial use, which means they will never get you in trouble with any sort of copyright issues.

What is Royalty-Free Music?

Royalty-free music is music that you can pay for once, use it in your projects without paying any extra fees or royalties. With these tracks, you are buying the license to use them commercially. The rights remain with the artist – hence “royalty free”.

Royalty-free licenses have two main categories: Standard and Extended.

Who Can use Epidemic Sound?

Ideally, anyone who is looking for music in a wide variety of genres and styles. This includes TV shows, movies, radio jingles, advertisements, video games, etc. It is also used by people who release tracks online or through their record labels.

An interesting factor about Epidemic Sound is that they have built a new way to get your music out there to the public.

They created their own online production music library, which is called Epidemic Sound. It’s a place for all producers, composers, and videomakers who want to license good-quality music for immediate use in their productions.

As mentioned earlier, Epidemic Sound is constantly developing new music technologies. Their latest product is a web-based application that puts the entire Epidemic Music catalog at producers’ fingertips, which gives them immediate access to over 100,000 tracks.

This company has even partnered up with other companies such as Apple and YouTube so all users can have access to their music library from anywhere around the world.

Epidemic Sound Free Premium Account

Our free Epidemic Sound Free Premium Account cookies are really simple to use. You’ll need to install and activate the cookie editor extension. on your Google Chrome browser. The latest Epidemic Sound Free Premium Account cookies may be downloaded from the download link below. Then import the cookies using our video guide. Here’s how to set up the Epidemic Sound Free Premium Account.

1. Install the cookie editor extension for Google Chrome

2. Download and import new Epidemic Sound Free Premium Account Cookies

3.. Activate your free Epidemic Sound Free  premium account

Use the cookies below

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