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Convert Your Website to an Application Using Sketchware

Convert Your Website to an Application Using Sketchware

Sketchware is an Android-only software that lets you to create apps for Android without needing to master complex languages. This tool works with the block feature, allowing you to build applications rapidly by placing blocks.


Sketchware is a free tool for Android app development that can be used by novice coders who want to create apps without having to become familiar with the scripts they are accustomed to. It works by combining separate blocks of code to generate applications.

However, the application was removed from Google recently, according to the program’s developers, who stated that they would cease developing it and give users a new version in 2022.To download the latest sketchware pro apk click here.

Steps to convert your website to a mobile app using sketchware

Install Sketchware App in your mobile and start a new project. Write your app name and select an icon for your app.

Now in your project View area drag and drop Scroll(V) and inside that add webview widget. Set width of Scroll(V) to match parent and change padding to 0.


In Logic area of your project, in onCreate event add the WebView loadUrl block and write Url of your site in it.

Now add a new event, namely ‘On back button press‘, in your app Logic area. On in On back button press, use if..else.. block. Add Webview goBack block as shown in image below. It should read, if WebView canGoBack then WebView goBack else Finish Activity.

Now save and Run the project. Your App is ready. You can get .apk/aab file of your app go to project options and click on Send install file(APK). You can send it to your email or if you have ES file explorer you can save it directly to your mobile.

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