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A platform that is self-managed
Send bulk messages from your own database. You can track results by looking at the stats of delivered and undeliverable messages from pre-filtered WhatsApp contact lists.

Data safety
Your databases are protected by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB) and our confidential and secure privacy policy.

Personalized Whatsapp Messages
A bulk customized message campaign based on recipient name, last name, city, or any variable (values 5) improves the success of your campaign. Custom messages via WhatsApp API documentation is now available.

Your bulk WhatsApp messages will include images or videos as well as an unlimited number of characters.
A video or photograph is worth a thousand words. Add a photo, video, or vcard to your bulk WhatsApp messages.
Conversion rates of more than 1%

Make and upload your own contact lists of potential clients, complete with phone numbers and names. Within 24 hours, send customized bulk WhatsApp messages.
Text Messages, Pictures, and Viral Videos can all be sent.


Enjoy bulk WhatsApp service with more than 1,000 characters per message via WhatsApp media. Which is more than enough for effective communication, and with the ability to attach images, vcards, or videos. Inside is a viral YouTube video URL that will generate thousands of views.

Delivery Guaranteed

We guarantee the delivery of bulk WhatsApp campaigns to your contact lists/databases via our self-managed platform. You will also receive a statistics report with delivering and non-deliverable messages, as well as a prefiltered WhatsApp. When potential users want to respond to your bulk WhatsApp campaign, we can add a link inside the text to be replied to your WhatsApp for a business number.

Keeping your Database [DB] Safe

Whatsapp Marketing does not sell or buy databases because we follow the data protection clause in our Privacy Policy to ensure the security and safety of your databases.
Technology that spans multiple platforms
Our self-managed bulk WhatsApp platform can be used on mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

Send a FREE Bulk WhatsApp Campaign
The world is waiting for you to put our massive messages via WhatsApp to the test quickly and effectively. When registering, send 18 messages with images.

Whatsapp Marketing introduces new features and functions.
Send bulk WhatsApp messages using the most advanced technology.

Business Whatsapp
Send WhatsApp messages using your personal SENDER ID.

Whatsapp Heldesk
New technology is now available for business or call centre agents that allows them to handle multiple WhatsApp chats at the same time and for more than one operator/agent.

Campaigns in Bulk
Send 500.000 messages in a 24-hour period.

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