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Best android emulator for pc

Do you love Android apps? Do you want to run them on your computer/PC? Many great emulators will allow you to do just that. In this blog post, we discuss 5 of the best ones, including Bluestacks, Andyroid, Genymotion, YouWave and AndroVM.


Top 5 Best Android Emulators for PC

Top 5 Best Android Emulators for PC

A. Bluestacks

-Bluestacks is the most popular and best-rated emulator available today, with a rating of over four stars out of five on Google Play Store. It has millions of downloads, making it the most downloaded Android app in 2013. The emulator’s compatibility also allows any device running Windows XP or later to install it with no problem.

-The emulator is very easy to use, and you can do a lot more than play games within the virtual environment. It also has built-in access to the Google Play store, which provides many unavailable apps on Windows’ regular app store.

-Bluestacks does have its drawbacks, though, since it doesn’t support as many games or apps as other emulators.


B. Android

-Android is another good emulator that has been around for a while, and it is still going strong. This can be attributed to its ease of use, reliability, compatibility with virtually any device running Windows XP or later and that it supports more Android devices than Bluestacks does.

 It also has access to Google Play Store, which means you have quick download access without having to go through your mobile carrier company’s app store.

-One downside, though, is cost since there are paid versions available, but if you want an all-in-one package, this might be worth considering; remember, not every person will need these features, so they may be able to get by with the free version.

C. Genymotion

-If you want a powerful emulator that helps you develop and test your apps, then this is what you should go for. It supports three hundred thirty-six devices as well as all of Google’s latest updates which means developers can access images, sensors and more to do their projects better while testing on real like conditions before launching them into the marketplace;

 It also has an Android Virtual Device (AVD) manager, which allows users direct control over its virtual environment without any additional tools or programming languages necessary, so they are not forced to use specific software packages or other programs just because someone else says it is compatible with their device. 

It does cost a bit more than the other emulators, but it is worth every penny.

-There are times when Genymotion can run into compatibility problems with certain games and apps, which may be because of its complicated interface or just that some software isn’t compatible with this emulator. It supports JAVA programming, though, so those who have experience in that field should find no problem getting around any difficulties they might encounter while using this product.

D. YouWave

-If you want to create Android ROMs for free, then give this app a try; it has been downloaded over four million times on Google Play Store alone, meaning there must be something about it people like, maybe even enough for them to share their opinion with others.

YouWave has a minimal free version which means you can only create one ROM and that it won’t have support for all devices, but if you want to upgrade the app, then there are monthly subscriptions available for $14.99; this will unlock its full potential as well as let users share their creations online with anyone interested in downloading them or making changes to them before they release an update of their own.

 Other features include AVD Manager and touchscreen emulation, so those who need help getting started should find no problem doing so with this emulator.

-If YouWave sounds just right for your needs, then installing it on your PC couldn’t be easier: download the installer from Google Play, install it on your computer, and then you can start using this emulator.

E. Droid VNC Viewer for PC

-No matter what Android app or game you are looking to download, the first one that should come up in a Google search is going to be DroidVnc; not only does it have links to all of the Google Play store’s apps, but it has access to more than three hundred thousand other programs too which means there will never be any shortage of things for users who want them. 

In addition, DTVP also allows people with no programming experience at all to create their custom ROMs by downloading an APK file they wish to modify and changing its contents from within the emulator interface as if they were editing it on a mobile device; this is an excellent way to get new developers into the game.

-The only downside so far has been that there are no other features included with DroidVnc Viewer for PC aside from its ability to emulate Android apps and games, which can be significantly limiting for those who want more than just one or two things available when creating their custom ROMs but overall this emulator is still worth every penny if you know what you need beforehand.

-DroidVnc also supports full-screen mode so users will never have any trouble using this app no matter how big of a screen they’re on, giving them better control as well over the programs they use while developing software without having to worry about not being able to see what is happening on the screen.


-Android emulators are the perfect way to test apps and games on a computer without buying an Android device first; they give developers everything they need so that their work can progress as if it were being done on a mobile device.

-Some of these products also come with features like support for JAVA programming, touchscreen emulation or full-screen mode too which means those who have never had experience in this field before will find no difficulty getting around any problems while using them since there is always some sort of assistance available when needed.

-put this list together based on what people said about each product rather than just relying on one person’s opinion alone because not everyone would be interested in the same things from all ten of these emulators, so the best thing to do when looking for a product is read other people’s reviews and see what everyone else has said about it before making your final decision.



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